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My path hasn’t been conventional, and neither is my public relations practice. 


Everything I do is based on three key principles: loyalty, creativity, and adaptability. 


I don't believe in burning bridges but rather in maintaining them. My relationships with former bosses, clients, friends and colleagues are incredibly important to me. Even if we sometimes disagree, I will always do what I can to find common ground. 


Every problem has a solution — sometimes it's just a little harder to see. I can help you find that missing piece of your problem puzzle by drawing on my unique background, work ethic and creative drive.


I've worked with politicians, servers, college students, programmers, musicians, artists and professors. I've waited tables, built a political women's organization from the ground up, tended bar at a listening party, connected constituents with state agencies, written press releases for an electro-pop musician and created a comprehensive communications plan for a municipal water district. I've shaken hands with Sen. Ted Cruz (R) and taken a selfie with Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D). My path hasn't been conventional, and neither is my public relations practice. Wherever you put me, I will succeed.